We Believe That Our Biggest Success Is Helping Clients Retain Their Property

Succeeding against bankruptcy can either be difficult or easy depending on who handles your case and how it is handled. There are a number of lawyers out there who are out to make money even if it is at the expense of quality service to their clients. We have been providing bankruptcy support services for more than two decades and our record has been outstanding. Our reputation precedes us and you can be sure that we will give you the best bankruptcy attorney, Arlington and Fort Worth have to offer. We love our job and we believe that our biggest success is helping clients retain their property and keep them out of reach of creditors and not making money.

With that in mind, we offer very affordable litigation services and our level of professionalism is enviable to our peers. The value of time in winning a war against bankruptcy is priceless and therefore we always move with speed whenever necessary in order to stay ahead of creditors and pre-empt their attempts against our clients. We know the right blend of state and federal law that can work together to ensure that our clients get to retain their property. Under Texas state law, debtors are allowed to use a mix of legal provisions from both the state law and federal law to work in their favor as they defend their property. In addition, it is also provided for in law that they can choose a court of their choice and one that they believe will be in their best interest.

While filing for bankruptcy typically takes 24 hours or less within our firm; we usually have to ensure that our clients are fully aware of their prevailing financial status in relation to the provisions of the maximum protection by law. We analyze the condition and we have to compare them against the provisions of the law to determine whether are in line with such provisions. For example, if a client is in favor of making payments over a relatively long period of time of between, 3 years and 5 years, we have to prove that they meet all the requirements under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, otherwise they might end up under Chapter 7.

We offer free consultation via telephone, by visiting our offices as well as online via our website. There is always an attorney waiting to hear you out and advice you accordingly. You don’t have to risk your property any more. We have set up shop in Dallas, Arlington and Fort Worth to ensure that your property is safe and you are free from threats from creditors.

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